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Established in 2008 and based in Los Angeles, California, Rockin' Android, Inc. is a privately owned entertainment specialty group and publisher working alongside creators and clients within the videogame field to license untapped and overlooked independently produced videogames to fill a void in the PC-dominant gaming market within the U.S.

Rockin' Android is recognized as a highly respected independent publisher of action-packed doujin games for the personal computer and for the PlayStation®Network. Rockin' Android is also noted as a world-wide leader in online downloadable games that feature a combination of highly stylized anime visuals and stunning character designs with easy-to-follow interface controls.


Job Description: Programmer

Rockin’ Android is indie game publisher based out of Los Angeles, CA. Due to our growing catalog of games, Rockin' Android is looking for additional programmers.

Available Position: Per Title C++ Programmer

  • Programming Requirements:

    • Language

      • C++

  • IDE

      • Visual Studio Professional (2010 – 2013)

  • API

      • Steam API

  • Job Description Part #1: Add Steam API functionality to existing game.

    • Steam Generic API (authentication, ownership, community, drm)

    • Programming

      • Steam Leaderboards

      • Steam Achievements (20 achievements)

      • Demo Game

      • Steam Cloud

      • Steam Gamepad/Controller

  • Email:

      • Resume

  • Previous work

      • Programming Languages

      • Language Proficiency

      • Sample work (downloadable links, live urls, youtube videos, etc is acceptable)

  • Interested?


*Must have a love for (Japanese) video games. Must be a team player with great communication skills. The ideal candidate will be able to juggle multiple tasks and proactively work with game producers. Th ability to deliver projects on-time is essential.

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